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Everyday Faith - The Church of England - ££2.99
A small booklet of reflections and prayers to help you find and follow God in everyday life. It offers 21 days of Bible readings and reflections, real life stories of God at work in the lives of ordinary people, and a simple pattern of prayer to help you pause and be aware of God. There is also a collection of supporting digital resources available to accompany the book on the Church of England website.
#Live Lent – Care for God’s Creation - £1.99
For each day of Lent this pocket-sized booklet offers a Bible reading, a short reflection and a suggested action to help you live in greater harmony with God, neighbour and nature. Each week has a different theme, centred around the first Genesis account of creation, and its primary aim is to explore the urgent need for humans to value and protect the world. Supporting resources can be found on the Church of England website.
#Live Lent – Care for God’s Creation for Kids - £1.50
This little booklet will help children and their families learn more about God’s amazing creation and how we can care for it better. For the 40 days of Lent there is a daily challenge, and each week there is a short prayer and Bible reading on creation themes. More resources are available on the Church of England website to support the booklet.
Saying Yes to Life – Ruth Valerio - £9.99
The author imaginatively draws on the days of creation as she relates themes of light, water, land, the seasons, other creatures, humankind, Sabbath rest and resurrection hope to matters of environmental, ethical and social concern. It includes input from voices from around the world and each chapter ends with discussion questions and a prayer to aid action and contemplation. Although not set into 40 sections, and not written specifically for Lent, this book is the Archbishop of Canterbury’s chosen Lent book for 2020.
The Wind, The Fountain and the Fire – Mark Barrett - £10.99
This year’s Bloomsbury Lent book is written by a Benedictine Monk from Worth Abbey who opens up the gateway of Biblical imagery, particularly through the Psalms and the Gospels, teaching us how God speaks to us from the pages of our Bibles and in the reality of our lives.
Walking the Way of the Cross – Stephen Cottrell, Paula Gooder and Philip North - £9.99
A wonderful book offering a series of 15 scripture-based devotions based on the Stations of the Cross, and focussing wholly on the Biblical narratives of the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus. It can be used for personal contemplation, group reflection and public worship and is particularly relevant during Lent and Holy Week.
Where the Lost Things Go – Lucy Berry - £6.99
A Lent Course for small group study or for individual use based on the film ‘Mary Poppins Returns’. The author draws out some of the main themes of the movie and shows how we can consider them more deeply alongside passages from the Bible. The course is based around 5 weekly sessions, which each include clips from the film, discussion questions, Bible readings and prayers.
You are Mine – David Walker - £8.99
This year’s BRF Lent Book. David Walker explores different aspects of human belonging through scripture and story to help us recognise the different ways in which we are God’s beloved. Each day of Lent has a short but deep reflection which engages the reader in both prayer and reflection.
After Prayer – Malcolm Guite - £10.99
A major new collection from one of today’s outstanding poets which comprises of 27 sonnets which reflect the heights and depths of human experience..
The Words Between Us – Erin Bartels - £8.99
An intriguing story about a young lady who has spent most of her life under an assumed name to avoid being associated with her infamous parents and spends her time running her used bookstore in a quiet area. When a familiar book arrives for her in the post, everything changes. In this book the author demonstrates that words, whether we say them, read them or write them, have more power that we can imagine.
Heaven’s Big Secret – Karen Langtree - £5.99
The Easter story told from the perspective of Alfie and Alia, two of the smallest angels, who fly down to earth to see what’s going on!
On that Easter Morning – Elena Pasquali - £9.99
An exquisitely illustrated retelling of the Easter Story which brings it’s events to life.
Twelve Great Spiritual Writers – Liz Hoare - £9.99
The author explores 12 famous and lesser-known women whose writings have touched her heart, opened her mind and sharpened her spiritual vision. She believes they can do the same for us which is why she decided to write this book. She takes key extracts from each writer’s best-loved books and gives ideas for personal reflection or group discussion.
God, Stephen Hawking and the Multiverse – David Hutchings and David Wilkinson - £9.99
Stephen Hawking lived an extraordinary life, especially given that he was given only 2 years to live at birth! Over the following 56 years he wrote about quantum cosmology and sold 20 million books. The authors of this book help us to understand his amazing ideas
The Rations Challenge – Claud Fullwood - £9.99
This book takes the wisdom of World War 2 and looks at how it can help us revolutionize how we live now with regard to food. The author challenged herself to live on WW2 rations for Lent and she shares her findings in this book. In this day and age of food waste, food banks etc. we do well to read and learn from her, in the hope that we can fix our groaning food system, make our families stronger and our communities whole again.
Springtime at Hope Hall – Pam Rhodes - £9.99
Another fantastic offering from Pam Rhodes, which is an uplifting stories full of characters who will make you laugh and cry, all surrounding the local Church Hall and the Easter Monday Fayre, which is likely to be far from uneventful!
Soul Journey – Margaret Silf - £12.99
This book is a day-by-day companion through Lent and includes 40 daily meditations on passages of Scripture and a reflection on the journey travelled so far for each Sunday. It is written for both those who regularly undertake a Lenten observance and for those for whom it is new. It is based on the idea that the Spiritual Journey is like climbing a mountain, that looks easy from afar, but has an array of challenges along the way.
A Map of the Sky – Claire Wong - £8.99
Eleven year old Kit has moved to a remote coastal village in the north minus his dad without knowing why. At the guesthouse he is staying at he meets a group of new neighbours and forms an unlikely friendship with Beth, who suffers from a chronic illness he struggles to understand. He visits lots of places from her childhood to help her relive precious moments, while solving other guests’ problems along the way.
Defying the Holocaust – Tim Dowley - £9.99
This book tells the stories of 10 Christians from different countries, churches and situations who courageously strove to protect and save Jews during the darkest days on the Second World War, when around 6 million Jews were murdered.
The Radical Reconciler – Chris Wright and John Stott - £7.99
A Lent Book based on the reconciling of the whole creation to God through Jesus’ death on the cross. It is a reminder of what lays at the heart of the Christian faith, using extracts from John Stott’s book The Cross of Christ’. It will greatly deepen your understanding of the cross and resurrection.
The Bible for Minecrafters – The Cross and The Miracle - £5.99
The Easter Story retold in block form, which will delight all fans of Minecraft.
Revenge of the Flower Arrangers – Dave Walker - £8.99
This is the 7th and most recent addition to Dave Walker’s Guide to the Church cartoon collection. It is an extremely funny but scarily accurate portrayal of the goings-on in churches all over the world.
Love Set You Going – Janet Morley - £12.99
Janet Morley explores the simplicity and complexity of love as she comments on the poetry throughout the generations. A beautiful anthology for anyone intrigued by the mysterious nature of love.
Life with St. Benedict - Richard Frost - £9.99
This book provides daily reflections on the Rule of St. Benedict, which has much to say about faith, work and daily living. A wonderful aid to enable personal spiritual growth and prayer.
Luminaries: 20 lives that illuminate the Christian Way – Rowan Williams - £12.99
Starting in the first century with St. Paul and ending in the 20th Century with St. Oscar Romero, Rowan Williams invites us to reflect on the lives and legacies of 20 great Christians; saints, martyrs, poets, theologians and social reformers who have profoundly influenced his own life and thought. Accompanying each biography there is a short reflection to help cast light on what it means to live and breathe the Gospel.
Soul Fuel – Bear Grylls - £14.99– BIAB Price - £12.99
In this daily devotional Bear shares the stories behind many of his most daring expeditions for the first time, and shows how every feat of adventure is grounded in his Christian faith.
Phoebe – Paula Gooder - £8.99– BIAB Price - £8.00
Paul entrusted his letter to the Romans to Phoebe, the Deacon of the Church at Cenchreae, who in his words was ‘patron to many’. In her first work of fiction, Paula Gooder imagines Phoebe’s story – who she was, the life she lived and her first century faith. In doing so she opens up Paul’s theology, giving a sense of the cultural and historical pressures that shaped Paul’s thinking and the faith of the early church.
The Faith of Queen Elizabeth – Dudley Delffs - £12.99
This book offers a behind the scenes glimpse into Her Majesty's Christian faith, drawing on historical archives, royal biographies and accounts of her interactions between historic figures such as Billy Graham, Mother Theresa and Winston Churchill. It reveals a compassionate heart dedicated to serving the King of Kings and is shared through the eyes of a gifted storyteller.
Faitheism – Krish Kandiah - £9.99
Written for both committed Christians and committed Atheists – and everyone in between – this accessible and practical book can help us find a way to talk about the things that really matter in ways that encourage empathy, mutual understanding and respect – and yet don’t shy away from tackling the hard topics.
Resilience in Life and Faith – Tony Horsfall and Debbie Hawker - £9.99
This book inspires us to grow a faith that persists to the finishing line. The authors encourage us to develop our resilience and to prepare ourselves for the challenges that life throws at us in an increasingly difficult world. We are shown how to understand ourselves better, appreciate our areas of strength and to strengthen our areas of weakness through Biblical wisdom and psychological insight.
The Bloke’s Bible – Dave Hopwood - £8.99
This book is a punchy, down-to-earth retelling of Bible stories, aimed especially at men. It features a regular guy reflecting on his life, his faith and his Bible as he opens it in his local pub and relates what he reads to the world around him. It is a funny and honest read and the stories are captivating.
Faithful Grandparents – Anita Cleverly - £9.99
Grandparents can be the vital link between a lived-out Gospel and the faith of a younger generation, and this book is a visionary call to an older generation to take the initiative. There has never been a more important time to find meaningful ways of passing on the faith down the generations, and part of this privilege and responsibility lies with grandparents living out authentic Christian lives.
Mountain Moving Prayer – Debra Green OBE - £8.99
In this powerful book the author reminds us that our toughest challenges in our personal lives and in our communities can be tackled, defeated and shifted aside by faith-fuelled prayer. Whatever our mountain, through prayer, God’s power can move it. We are encouraged to allow God to transform the lives of those around us too through prayer
Arthur’s Garden – Pam Rhodes - £14.99
In this beautifully illustrated book, Pam Rhodes leads us down Memory Lane and up the path of her great uncle Arthur’s garden. His story will fill your heart and bring a tear to your eye as first kisses are planted and loved ones are grieved amid the ever-changing seasons of his beautiful garden, which Arthur and his family tended for 80 years.
Bob Hartman’s Rhyming Bible – Bob Hartman - £14.99
In this entertaining, meaningful and beautifully illustrated book, Bob Hartman retells more than 40 classic Bible stories in rhyme. An essential addition to any child’s bookshelf!
How to Pray – Pete Greig - £13.99
Pete Greig is an award-winning Author and is the founder of the 24-7 Prayer Movement, which has spread into more than half the nations on earth. He has been teaching on prayer and leading the movement for over 20 years and has now put his life's work into this book which aims to help us learn to pray, which very few people find easy. It is a clear, accessible book for all seeking to enrich their prayer life.
L is for Lifestyle – Ruth Valerio - £9.99
This book is about Christian living that doesn't cost the earth. It looks at our lifestyle choices and explores how they have an impact on people and the environment across the world. The author shows us how we can make small changes which will ensure life is as fair and simple as possible. It is full of practical suggestions on how we can live in a way that is more consistent with the will of God.
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